Poyen Assembly of God Church began with a “Brush Arbor” revival in 1924 under Rev. Arthur Adams. The revival began at the old railroad crossing, but was later moved close to Hugh Pierce Place.  This marked the beginning of Pentecost in Poyen, AR.

In 1932, Rev. Adams returned to Poyen for another revival and ended up building Poyen’s first and only Assembly of God Church. Mrs. Julia Ann Roland donated the land for the new church. The building was 40′ x 40′ and faced HWY 270.

Rev. E. C. Mitchell became the pastor of Poyen AG in 1933. The first Baptismal Service was conducted under Rev. Mitchell.

In June of 1936, Rev. Clarence Otts was elected as pastor. This was the first of five terms for Bro. and Sis. Otts. Under their leadership in 1936, an eight foot expansion was added to the church house.

Rev. Reed Ball served one term at Poyen AG in 1937.

In 1938, Rev. Clarence Otts returned to Poyen for his second term. His pastorate began in 1938 and lasted until 1940.

Rev. Stanell Couch came to Poyen AG in August of 1940. During his pastorate, a large addition was added to the church house.

In May of 1943, Rev. Luter Bates began his pastorate at Poyen AG. During his four years as pastor, the congregation demolished the old church house and replaced it with a new brick building. This new building measured 40′ x 80′.

Rev. O. J. Crank pastored at Poyen AG for only a couple of months in 1948, but during this time, the old plank floor of the church house was replaced with a concrete slab.

Rev. Roland Hasley pastored from 1948 to 1949. During this time, the platform and the Sunday School rooms were added.

In 1950, Rev. Clarence Otts returned to Poyen for his third term.

Rev. Paul Rush served as pastor from September 1951 to June of 1952.

In 1952, Rev. Clarence Otts returned for his fourth term at Poyen AG.

From 1953 to 1957, Rev. Robert Gibson served as pastor. It was during this time that a new bathroom was placed in the parsonage, along with an electric pump.

Rev. Dean Hamilton served as pastor from May of 1957 to June of 1962. During his pastorate, sheet-rock was placed in the church house.

Rev. C. J. Hartwick was elected as pastor in 1962. Rev. Hartwick served as pastor until he passed in February of 1969. During his pastorate, an educational building was added.

From 1969 to 1970, Rev. Eugene Dunn served as pastor.

Rev. Clarence Otts returned for his fifth term as Poyen AG’s pastor in April of 1970. During Rev. Otts’ fifth term, the congregation decided to extend and brick the front of the church house. Rev. Otts and his wife were very special to the congregation. Rev. Otts resigned due to sickness in 1973.

Bro. Vernon Ables became Poyen AG’s pastor in November of 1973. His pastorate lasted until October 1981.

In December of 1981, Bro. Weldon Nichols became Poyen AG’s pastor, and he led the church until February 1984.

Bro. Donnie Sherrill came to Poyen AG in March 1984. He and his family lead Poyen AG until December 1987. This was the first of two terms for Bro. Sherrill at Poyen AG.

Bro. Nathan Rogers and his family came to Poyen AG in January 1988. Bro. Rogers led the church until June 1994.

In September 1994, Bro. Donnie Sherril returned to Poyen AG for his second term. His pastorate lasted until December 1995.

Bro. Terry Miller and his family joined the Poyen AG family as lead pastors in February 1996. Bro. Miller pastored Poyen AG until January 1997.

Bro. Robert Sneed served as Poyen AG’s lead pastor from March 1997 until April 1999.

Bro. David and Sis. Lou Walker served as lead pastors for 12 years, from June 1999 to June 2011.

Poyen AG welcomed Bro. Michael Sullivan and his family as lead pastors in January 2012.