At Poyen Assembly of God Church, you will find a group of imperfect people. It is through Christ Jesus that we are made whole and washed clean of our sins.

Poyen Assembly is a compassionate and spiritual group of believers who will accept you with open, loving arms and show you just how much God loves you.

We are a church committed to the development of the three-fold vision to enrich the lives of each attendee:

  • Faith– Understanding the incredible, timeless doctrines of the Bible as given to us for the expressed purpose of knowing and serving God better in a spirit-filled and joyously refreshing manner.
  • Family– Recognizing God’s plan for the home to be the bedrock of society, protecting it from the ravages of contemporary thought, and helping those without to find one here.
  • Focus – Determining to be an outward-focused congregation that intentionally seeks to represent Christ to the world through the balance of Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Service.

Our mission is to know God, and to make Him known.

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Poyen Assembly of God Church began with a “Brush Arbor” revival in 1924 under Rev. Arthur Adams. This marked the beginning of Pentecost in Poyen, AR.

Poyen AG will turn 85 years old this year, and today, the congregation is growing and reaching out to the community like never before.

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