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Justin & Courtney Plummer

Justin and Courtney Plummer are the youth pastors at Poyen Assembly of God. They spent most of their childhood growing up in Sheridan Arkansas and recently graduated from Central Arkansas Masters Commission, 2013. Justin and Courtney are enrolled at West Coast Bible College and working towards a bachelors degree in Foreign Missions and will be receiving their Assembly of God credentials through Arkansas School of Ministry (ARSOM).

Justin grew up in church and was the second to youngest of a large blended family. From a very young age he felt the call of God over his life but growing justin and courtney with babyup he often felt alone in many ways and began struggling with depression. This depression eventually caused him to run straight into a life filled with addiction and self loathing. Those very things kept him from perusing God the way he knew he needed to. Throughout the last few years of high school he ran from God even harder. After several wake up calls including overdoses, car accidents, getting arrested and going to rehab Justin finally decided to answer the call he had been running so hard from. Justin was 19 when he truly accepted Christ as his savior while he was still in rehab at The Fathers House. Shortly after graduating rehab he joined Central Arkansas Masters Commission in Jacksonville Arkansas. During his stay in Jacksonville God began laying an immovable foundation in his heart. God really began to change Justin and birthed in him many dreams and visions for his future. Justin feels called to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. He has a huge heart for discipleship and the lost. As well as an incredible zeal to know God and to make known his love and mercy for all people.

Courtney grew up in church and for most of her life was a “good little preachers kid”. She received Christ at the age of 13 and felt the call to ministry the day her heart and spirit were truly opened by the Gospel. She did her best to be different than the kids she went to school with but when her parents separated and eventually divorced it threw her perfect world into a place of sadness and loss. Her family stepped out of ministry and from there everything was different. She eventually started defining herself through dating relationships. She began to struggle with her identity and began comprising her beliefs all the while playing church and keeping secrets. In the middle of her spiritual battle, God called out to Courtney with an outpouring of his love for her and since, she hasn’t been the same since. She was around 19 at the time she fully surrendered to the ministry and re -committed her life to God. Soon after, she followed God’s calling for her to Central Arkansas Masters Commission. There she found her true identity in Christ and full restoration. She has a growing passion to know God and to make Him known. To see the lost saved and to grow leaders through discipleship and serving. She is now a full time mom and is joyfully taking this time to minister to her family in a deeper way.

Justin and Courtney are beyond excited to be working with the youth of Poyen Assembly of God. They are hoping to instill the Gospel deep into the hearts of their students in a way they have never experienced. They long to train up leaders and to inspire the young people of today to rise up and accept the call to be a chosen generation for the sake of Christ.