James & Liz Vines

James and Liz Vines serve as the directors of our homeless outreach ministries. Together, they reach people in the streets. They may not all be homeless, they may simply be without transportation. Their goal is to see the people added to the Kingdom of God by going to where the people are, and offering them fellowship, a hot meal, clothes and non perishable food as the needed, and a chance to be exposed to the life changing Gospel.

In the revival of July 2015, it was prophesied over Bro. James, that

“the people are waiting on you brother… IN THE STREETS!… The people in the streets will listen to you”.

Every Sunday starting around 8AM, they hit the streets from Hot Springs & Malvern, Little Rock & Benton then we bring people to Morning Worship, Lunch, and a chance to go through the clothes closet & food pantry.