Ed Plummer

Greetings friends, it is our absolute honor to serve this amazing church family as the associate pastors here at Poyen AOG.

My wife Phyllis and I have six wonderful kids who are all grown and have incredible families of their own and we have 8 grand children who we are convinced are the most awesome blessings ever!

We believe God has placed us here and equipped us throughout our lives to be a part of this outstanding body of believers! We have over 25 years of ministry experiences which have included being lead pastors, associate pastors, youth leaders, evangelist, and working in faith based recovery ministries.

We have witnessed God’s amazing presence here at Poyen AOG time and time again. We are a Spirit filled and Spirit led church who desires to glorify our God through every aspect of ministry He has entrusted us with. We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ for His church. It is our hearts desire to be kingdom minded people who are passionate about fulfilling His commission to “Go and make disciples..”.

We believe in the operation of the Spiritial gifts found in scriptures for the edification of the church.

If you are looking for a home church that is on fire for God and desires to know Him as well as make Him known, please come visit us! This is a family oriented, ministry driven body of believers who enjoys serving one another in love and pursuing God’s vision for His people! We don’t just “go” to church, we ARE the church! Come and see!