Dylan and Andrea Moody

Hello my name is Dylan Moody and I am the Youth Pastor here at Poyen Assembly. Born and raised in Prattsville, Ar and graduated from Poyen. I am a full time Journeyman electrician at Gingrich Electric.

I was raised in church most my life but when my youth pastor at the time decided to leave, the youth dwindled away, I did as well. At age 18, I had gotten back into church and started serving as a youth leader. It was then that God called me into ministry.

I jumped into ministry school at ARSOM. I took a couple of classes and then started listening to the Devil’s lies, telling me that I couldn’t do what God had called me to do. Filled with doubt and fear I then ran away from not only my calling, but from God for 4 years. One Wednesday night in 2015 the Holy Spirit drug me down to the altars and I decided then and there to completely surrender my whole life to God. To be fully in and no turning back.

My goal is to follow his will for my life; which is to know him and to make him known. To not get caught up in the cliche All-American dream. But to step out, be different, and do what I was made for. More.