College & Young Adult

Dylan Moody

KAIROS- We want to create a place for college age and young adults from ages 18-35. To develop discipleship through developing personal, family like relationships with others.

Our goal is that by studying the word and how church was done in that day and age, that we can demolish religion and the “American Christianity” in order to revert back to that point where we are able to be open with one another, enough so that we can help uplift, motivate, council, and teach each other in order to obtain awareness of who God has called us to be and what he has called us to do, so that we may start stepping out and taking hold of that to do his work and further his kingdom.

Please contact Dylan Moody for more details about this awesome college and career age study group. We meet each Tuesday night at 7pm the Youth Annex across from the New Sanctuary at Poyen Assembly of God.

Phone: 870-942-6967